Monday, April 09, 2007

Brussels graffiti art

There is an open-air art gallery found under the ring-road just south of Anderlecht's beautiful pond-filled park.
A couple of Sundays ago, it appeared that the Anderlecht local council had given the talented young artists of the commune permission to decorate the concrete columns that support the interminable ring road traffic.
Graffiti artists of all genres, but usually the sci-fi horror comic brand, were busily spray painting the columns and covering the dreary grey with a flurry of colour and imagination. Unfortunately, the least talented graffiti 'artists', the uninspired taggers had also been out, doing the equivalent of a dog urinating on a bush, and had marked their territory all over the interesting art work.
Also, after we had been on a hike to a Flemish windmill, just south of Anderlecht, we returned to discover that the painting of Tupac - well I think it's supposed to be him - had disappeared, covered up by a large breasted sci-fi maiden in a Gothic Martian porno fantasy pic.
Preserved by ©FourBees digital pics April 2007

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Brussels beer factory

Belle Vue make the lovely Kriek cherry beer.
This factory, by the canal in Molenbeek, has now closed down.
A ©FourBees beergoggles shot
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