Monday, May 21, 2007

Blues win the FA Cup

Yeah, yeah, I know it's an old pic, but I like it.

Chelsea win the FA Cup and all the Mancs can do is whine on (as usual) about supposed penalties....
Ronaldo went awol - that's a bit mysterious for a so-called 'great' player.
Drogba should have won player of the year, he defends magnificently as well as leading the line. And what about 33 goals? Can't argue with that.

Chelsea are the most attractive team in the football league (the beootiful Fereira, scrumptious Sheva, gorgeous Essien, dinky and divine duo SWP and Maka, sexy Mikel, sweet Salomon, hunky Cech, love-panna-cotta-Cudicini, Cashley, Bridgey, jinxy Joe Cole, even Lumpard when he gets his love handles out, Terrence in a rough sorta way, etc etc) were finally too exhausted at the last post to catch up ManUre in the title race.

I don't buy into all that bull that Man Ure played more attractive football (and Arse? what does their trophy cabinet contain this year? Don't give me that ballony about a young team, we had Mikel, Kalou, Sinclair, Sahar in our lot and we have an English backbone which is more than can be said for those frog-med woosies), Chelsea played attractive football all season and coped admirably with a life-threatening injury to the world's best goalkeeper, never mind all the rest. Fergie says Ferdinand also got hurt? Oh pluheeeze. What an over-rated waste of space - they are better at the back when he doesn't play.

Embittered football hacks can rant on all they like, the BBC is unstinting in its Arse-bias, but we true Chelsea blues know that we will be back. ManUre are a bunch of ugly footballers, who are bad losers and always win a game-saving penalty decision at Old Traff, the sheer intimidation is only worse than the bad-sport-whistlers at Anfield.

Thinking of which - was it my imagination or did the same (Spanish) referee (Manuel Enrique Mejuto Gonzalez) help Liverfluke to a win against Chelsea in this season's CL semi as well as their 2005 final versus AC Milan.
Now, ain't that spooky.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Béla Bartók visits Brussels

A statue of Hungarian composer Béla Bartók created by my favourite (living) Hungarian sculptor Imre Varga, stands in a forgotten and dingy square in central Brussels.
Find him around the back of the Place d'Espagne near the Galeries St Hubert.
Digi-pics by ©FourBees.

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If you'd like to read an interview with Monsieur Varga, conducted in Budapest, check out next week's FourBees.
Bzz Bzz

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