Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brussels graffiti art masters

Brussels artists create some of the most amazing graffiti in Europe.
There's a place in Andelecht where you can see their art in all its glory - however you'll have to find it for yourself or ask me nicely...I'm thinking of commissioning the next Belge Banksy or Keith Haring to do my living room wall...
©FourBees graffiti pics

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bodacious aubergines

Not only did I see Steely Dan - the most fantabulous band in the stratosphere - in Bruxelles this Monday and after 30 years' wait the two old pensioners did not let me down....., but I also survived a dose of two weeks in Romania without contracting giardia, like last time....a blessing to be sure.
Romanian cuisine is famous for its zacusca - a kind of ratatouille - and its wonderful aubergine puree, heavy with garlic, to be spread on dense white bread toast....yum.
You'll see ginormous piles of aubergines in the market but never be able to order them in the restaurant - it's a kind of delicious irony of life.
The Cuevo Gold, the fine Colombian, make tonight a wonderful thing....say it again, now....
©FourBees foodnbeverage pic 2007

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