Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Brussels beauties

A fantastic shop facade on Chaussee de Mons in southern Anderlecht.
This 'Sporting' lettering reminds me a little of the fandabeedozee neon signs in Budapest dating from the 1960s which are dying out now. They would announce cafes, eszpresszo bars, cipobolt (shoe shop), fodrasz (hairdresser's), oras (watchmaker's) and the like. [Elnezest, hogy nem tudok irni magyar ekezettel ezen a rohadt gepen...]

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Brussels babes

Anderlecht's main square, Place de la Vaillance, (Square of Courage) is the most beautiful of all the squares in Brussels.
Personally, I prefer it to the Grand'Place which is always too crowded and overwhelming for my hermit taste.
© FourBees homey shot

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