Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Banksy in Brussels

©A FourBees digigraffitipic ☂☀☁

I know it's not a real Banksy - what on earth would the legendary graffiti artist be doing in this out of the way part of southeastern Brussels.
Unless he was collecting a parcel....the TaxiPost depot for all Brussels is just around the corner and when those nasty postmen leave a note to say 'you were out when I called to deliver this parcel, now you have to travel half way around the Earth to collect it yourself at a time that is totally inconvenient for anybody with a job or a life', you will find yourself here in Veeweide If you can find the depot, that is.
When I go for my early morning constitutional along the Anderlecht canal-side, people are always coming up to me and wailing pathetically 'Ou est le TaxiPost?'.
I'm lucky, I suppose, I live just around the corner from the beloved TaxiPost, however I only ever went inside once, to collect my STEELY DAN tickets, when the greatest band in the world played at Forest Nationale.
Back to Banksy - it's not a real one, but it's quite a clever stencil, and in an unusual location on a patch of grass by the canal....

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Anonymous John said...

I thought it was a real one, but hey, it looks real! :)

2:34 am  
Anonymous webdesign brno said...

it looks real to me.....

7:35 pm  
Anonymous Nombres Bebe said...

I agree with john it looks so real

6:46 am  
Anonymous Lexmark 26 said...

I love your blog full of information thanks for sharing this.I also agree with john :)

1:10 pm  

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