Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brussels bulldogs

©FourBees graffiti gallery Nov2007

For fans of Brussels graffiti, here's another picture from Anderlecht. I'm sorry I can't post more at the moment, I'm SO busy writing a guide book (about Romania) that every waking moment is devoted to typing.
However, during the last couple of days the weather in Brussels was so glorious that I just had to take advantage of it - for who knows when we shall see the sun again?? - and jog off to Anderlecht's beautiful Neerpede Park to feed the ducks.
The graffiti lads obviously had the same idea as the waste land under the ring road was occupied by half a dozen artists in hoods and anti-paint-fume face masks, resembling urban guerrillas armed with aerosols.
However, as their artwork reveals, most of them are sensitive souls...
I'm trying to get up my nerve to ask one of them to come and decorate my bureau wall with a giant mural.
However, one lad was painting a pair of large-breasted sci-fi maidens indulging in a little frisky sci-fi frolicking, and I'm not sure that's quite what I want. How would I explain that one to the landlord??
Anderlecht's graffiti genii definitely have a thing about dogs, they appear to be quite a common theme.
This one looks pretty terrifying.

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